Our Company
Our Company

NUKIND HEALTHCARE is a pharmaceutical company in Faridabad, India offering health and wellness solutions. Established in 2011 and with a product portfolio of more than 500 formulations, NUKIND is the fastest-growing pharmaceuticals group in Faridabad, India.

With state of the art manufacturing facilities leveraging the best technologies in the market, Nukind combines advanced science, expertise, and passion to solving several unmanaged healthcare issues.

NUKIND group aims to provide high-quality pharmaceutical solutions to healthcare industries across the globe at affordable costs. We believe health and wellness must be accessible to all.

Quality, Affordability and Accessibility are the values we stand for!

Our Mission

Nukind’s conception and progress are constantly fuelled by an ongoing passion for science and service. We believe in the single motto of "Health and Wellness for All".

We aim to bring path-breaking healthcare solutions to everyday life by investing in innovative marketing techniques. Our mission is to deliver affordable, high-quality pharma products to all our customers. We are constantly working towards finding novel, alternative and cost-effective trading process routines through continuous and productive research.

Our Vision

With a vision to make world-class pharma products and process innovations accessible to humankind, we constantly improve our competencies to meet the unresolved medical needs and provide improved trading solutions.

Thus, we believe in marketing first of its kind scientific breakthrough products backed by vigorous R&D. Our organisation abides by The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDG3 to ensure ethical practices, healthy lives and promote overall wellbeing.

Our leading brands

These are a few of the wellness solutions we pride ourselves in while presenting you the industry-leading health and wellness solutions backed by comprehensive research.