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Digestive Enzyme Syrup
Diabetic Neuropathy,
Painful neurological Conditions,
Composition :
Each 5 ml contains :
(Fungal Diastase derived from Aspergillus Oryzase)
50 mg.
Pepsin (2:3000) 10 mg.
Cardamom Falvoured Digestive Enzymes
Liver Tonic with benefits of Enzyme Syrup

An Ayuervedic Properietary Medicine
Composition :
Ajwain 300mg.
Nagar Motha 300 mg.
Ajwain Khurasani 300mg.
Vach 100 mg.
Dalchini 100 mg.
Navsadar Sudh 50 mg.
Sounth 100 mg.
Pipal 100 mg.
Sounf 300 mg.
Kali Mirch 100 mg.
Dhaniya 200 mg.
Kapoor 10 mg.
Jeera 300 mg.
Trifla 300 mg.
Chitrak Moul q.s.

Indication : Gastritis, Indigestion, Flatulence, Dyspepsia, Loss of appetite, Hyper-acidity

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